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Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient Services

We offer a variety of services for both men and women at our private and confidential outpatient facility located in beautiful New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  Our outpatient programs are tailored to fit your individual needs, and combine the latest clinical techniques with our twelve-step immersion program.  Within small groups and individual counseling, our master’s level clinicians and support staff help guide clients through the challenges that life presents when someone leaves treatment and enters the real world.  

12 Step immersion

Clients are given the opportunity to continue their journey on the path to spiritual growth and recovery through the daily practice of the twelve-steps during their time in our program.


Life Skills and Financial Management Program

Clients are given instruction on how to successfully live their lives.  Some topics covered are goal setting, budgeting, credit repair, resume building, and interview techniques.

How We Treat the Mind, Body, & Spirit

How we treat the mind, body, and spirit in our outpatient programs.


Heal your addicted mind

A variety of therapeutic and mental health services are provided as part of our outpatient program to restore clear, cognitive thinking and help clients make positive choices in their daily lives outside of a residential treatment setting.  Based on the latest advancements in cognitive behavioral therapy, our expert clinicians and support staff help continue to heal and restore thinking patterns in the addicted brain. Clients in small groups are taught the life skills needed for successful long term recovery.  In addition, families can finally begin to heal with the help of our family therapy and educational groups for families and loved ones of those suffering with substance abuse.


Rejuvenate your body

Having a healthy body is vitally important when it comes to combating alcohol or drug addiction.  Our outpatient program includes instruction on nutrition, exercise, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that promotes recovery.  Clients in early recovery are taught techniques to help reduce cravings and gain insight in healthy ways to prevent relapse.


Restore your spirit

Recovering from drug addiction centers around maintaining a strong spirit.  Our outpatient programs are fostered around creating an environment where clients are able to receive the instruction and support necessary to have a psychic change with the twelve-step program.   Based on the values of honesty, love, and compassion, we strive to build upon our clients’ spiritual strength and have them create harmony with all those around them.  We continuously monitor a client’s spiritual mindset.  Our staff helps guide clients from a life of selfishness and strife to one of abundant faith and compassion.


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