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At Serenity Springs, every client is treated with dignity, respect, and anonymity. Our Florida drug treatment program strives to build the spiritual strengths of each client using the latest researches and advances in treatment. Along with numerous new scientific and spiritual approaches to treatment, Serenity Springs utilizes the effective 12-Step approach to recovery which has been proven most effective in dealing with addiction over the last century. Our clients live in a peaceful and comforting environment, where they can clear their mind and concentrate on getting well. Whether you need an outpatient or residential rehabilitation program, Serenity Springs’ licensed professionals have a common goal for all of our clients: to help the alcoholic/addict recover from their addiction and live a happy, joyous and free life.

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Our goal is to provide each suffering addict and alcoholic the tools to live and obtain a new way of life.  Through compassion and dedication, our team will instill hope and a new way to live. Our programs are centered on a holistic approach, focusing on the Body, Mind and Spirit.



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Located in beautiful New Smyrna and Edgewater, Florida, our resort style accommodations are just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.



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Ohio Morgue Unable to Match Pace of Opioid-Induced Deaths

Ohio Morgue Unable to Match Pace of Opioid-Induced Deaths

In Montgomery County, Ohio, the coroner’s office has been so inundated by overdose deaths this year that it has resorted to setting up makeshift facilities.


Featured Serenity Springs Alum – Kyle Fleming

Featured Serenity Springs Alum – Kyle Fleming

Kyle Fleming is an alumnus of Serenity Springs Recovery Center and has about two-and-a-half years of sobriety. A native of New Jersey, consequences weren’t enough to keep Kyle sober, but they were instrumental in getting him the help he needed. […]

The Serenity Solution to the Financial Burden of Treatment

The Serenity Solution to the Financial Burden of Treatment

Getting yourself or someone you love into treatment can be the single most life-changing and meaningful event in that person’s life. Although the costs of addiction and alcoholism outweigh that of treatment in the long run, coming up with the funds to get someone admitted into a worthwhile facility often seems like an impossibility. […]

Sephora Promoting an Eyeshadow Called “Druggie”, Prompts Outrage

Sephora Promoting an Eyeshadow Called “Druggie”, Prompts Outrage

While the nation is in the grips of a devastatingly deadly opioid epidemic, Sephora sought fit to trivialize and profit off of the pain and suffering wrought by addiction and death. […]

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